Image of Public Spaces and Human Rights Workshop at LUMS

Kaarvan and LUMS’s society Hum-Aahang collaborated and discussed the interaction between public spaces and human rights. How do we, THE CITIZENS, utilize, transform and reclaim spaces in our daily lives? What are the commonalities and differences of “claiming” space in urban & rural areas?

During the workshop the rural women surprised the LUMS students with their candid speech. One of the unspoken insights that materialized is that it is not the place itself that is welcoming or unwelcoming — it is the familiarity — it is the people. It is about intimacy that is the exclusionary factor. Being part of the community. Whether we exist inside or outside the storyteller’s circle. Through interactive activities of photo studies and reweaving the Article 37 of the Pakistani Constitution the notion of overcoming the savior mentality — being overly dependent on the state was refuted. Discussion ensued on our role to amplify community driven solutions and resource the ability of people to gather together around a collective vision of preferred future.

How do we claim space in urban and rural areas?

Added local voice to Article 37 of Pakistani Constitution