Gender Responsive Workshop With Aysha Saifuddin Human Rights Series

Founding Director Aysha Saifuddin held gender responsive workshop at Kaarvan Head Office with aim to disseminate learning to take democratic responsibility for personal development. Talking about the difference between socially constructed definition of gender and our biological difference of being a man or woman. Gender is much more nuanced than one’s sexual orientation or physical differences. The need to understand that gender is a dynamic and changeable concept. Through role-play activities of how males and females would respond or act in certain situations we discussed how gender roles and stereotypes become culturally conditioned ideas. For a preferred future, for peace, we must first and foremost become aware of our own personal biographies and biases. It is only when we look inward and understand self — self identify the social roles we have adopted that are restricting our possibilities that we can break away and step into our true selves. It is when we connect with the other that we can make both our lives ethically better.


dynamic and changeable concept

Social Responsibility

to realign ourselves to common goals and let go of gender factor that limits human possibilities

A culture of peace

encompasses all levels of human society