Designing Fiction and Social Dreaming by Rural Women

Today, 15th October 2018, International Rural Women’s Day, roles were reversed as Pakistani Female Artisans from Pattoki, Kasur District of Punjab envisioned and created new artifacts/ objects that they would like see in reality. From the generative card game of “Design Fiction Creation Playing Cards” the whole idea was to churn out quick and dirty products or thoughts into society by using ‘fiction’ as a tool to bring forth ‘dreams & truths’ into reality.

6 groups, 6 design fictions. Pattoki Artisans present you Wholehearted Wallet (society of moral inclusion over capitalism); Teleporting Shoe (travel anywhere anytime); Spiritual Call (customized mobile that revolves around the time zones of azan, Muslim prayer times); No-Corruption Clothing (transparency in all process and resources); Color Chair (brighten your environment and mood); Ethnically Unraveled Headphones (no entanglements of chords with this artistic threadwork at play).

Designing Fiction

Playing cards to design, innovate new realities into existence

Role of technology in our everyday lives