Crafting Livelihoods Impact Evaluation Study PSDF’s funded Skills for Employability (Apr Jun 2016) at KCF Training Institutes Bahawalpur & Gujranwala

A week back, as all of us celebrated the 70th year of Independence of our Country, we renewed our resolve to create a better future for Pakistan, reach out to thousands of women, bring them under the banner of Kaarvan and help them change their lives.


Their struggle to learn, to earn and to stand up for themselves has been a beacon of hope for us.


Living up to that resolve, we are humbled to share with you, the latest Impact Evaluation Study highlighting our work around access, space and gender, and how Kaarvan Crafts Foundation Training Centers are crafting space in areas of Pakistan where women are confined to culturally defined scopes.


The report categorizes the changes, and shows how our work is creating a tangible difference in the lives of the vulnerable.


Please read the report from the link below:
Crafting Livelihoods_Impact Evaluation Study Apr Jun 2016


In the series of our Crafting Livelihoods reports which can be found on our website, this a yet another outcome of meticulous research and analysis undertaken by our M&E department.
This study is also significant in the way that it puts forward a practitioner’s perspective and methodology as to how a Government funded program for economic uplift of vulnerable rural women can be monitored, tracked and evaluated by a development organization beyond the project’s life. Pakistan Forever!!