Constellation Of Change

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Inclusive Future 

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Cultural Skills

Constellation of Change aims to provide a series of soft skills/ social skills in alignment with the International Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to expand Pakistani Female Artisans personal capacities to act with others for socially constructive purposes. Kaarvan does this through interactive workshops that help participants develop “caring occasions” in which they connect to deeper sense of self, awareness of their role in the situation and others. 

Each workshop is linked one of the SDGs to develop soft skills to face and change the challenges of poverty, inequality, education, waste and public space in their immediate environment. 

Through play, Kaarvan team unlocks the participant’s curiosity to see the world anew and question things that fall through the cracks. It is through modeling, dialogue, practice, and confirmation that the group collectively dream, imagine, and create a new structure of the future, which is more peaceful — a gender-responsive space.