Closing the Inequalities Gap Campaign

JUST THINK. What are you thinking right now? Perhaps you are thinking “oh god, not another goody two shoes message.” Hey, I get it… sorry but so sorry as I’m gonna sound a bit preachy and ask: WHAT DO THINK of…
village life?
child begging?
of those who are different from yourself?

Take a minute a consider these things for yourself. Of course, there is no right or wrong… as long as we respond with respect and kindness we would like to receive ourselves. Let’s take a look within ourselves and catch our thoughts before they take form into unequal attitudes. Change does not come overnight, but it has to start somewhere. Let’s start my becoming aware of our own mindsets…

JUST SEE. Sight is such an interesting thing. To see. Then pretend to unsee it. To look away from poverty — a person tapping on your car window makes one uncomfortable. So we look away and pretend that they are not there. Looking away, ignoring, justifying, assuming we know and it’s enough — these are choices we make in our privilege. These are choices that allow gaps of inequality to widen, to allow the person next to us to be ignored for their ethnicity, religion, even their very existence.

Till when will we continue to turn a blind eye? Each and everyone of us need to consciously choose to see.We need to rumble with the fact that others have fewer rights and freedoms than us. We have a role to play in this. There is something to do about it. Each one of us can contribute in our ways, but we all need to pay attention. The only way to make a difference is to “WALK STRAIGHT INTO THE DISCOMFORT,” as author Brené Brown writes, and once there, do something

JUST EQUAL. We all wish and hope for a just society without corruption and ill-will. Then what gets in the way? Perhaps the biggest factor is INDIVIDUAL WILL to do something and being open to DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES. In a space where everyone is working for a mutual goal, it gets easier to achieve the dream of social justice. Be it sports, or a society working towards common good, team effort is what comes in play. Let’s explore the boundaries that exist in our society and question the things that are wrong at the grass root level. Let’s observe around us, let’s see what aspects are being ignored and how we can be of help. Let’s not get lost in translations, let’s keep it simple and make sure any kind of injustice is not being ignored, because together, WE CAN.