Volunteer Blog – Pink

By Zainab Habib September 1, 2020 My life began as a tiny seed, one amongst a million others, in the soil of Punjab. My only company was that of a farmer, who took great care of us and grew us [...]

Volunteer Blog – Dear Patriarchy

By Zayna Ahsan August 26, 2020 Dear Patriarchy, You have been dictating my life from the moment I opened my eyes. Your first words to me were: larki hai, koi nai agli dafa larka ho jaye ga. Even [...]

Volunteer Blog – Dear Working Mother

By Zayna Ahsan August 25, 2020 Dear Working Mother, How have you been? Did you meet that deadline for your presentation? Did you get sleep when you got home? Is your baby feeling better now? Has [...]

Volunteer Blog – Unveil

By Zayna Ahsan August 7, 2020 The guiding light is empathy. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try to understand what they go through. We must step outside of our privilege and stop [...]

Volunteer Blog – Pandemic Privilege

By Zainab Habib August 6, 2020 Aasia wakes up at the crack of dawn, to the sound of her four year old son crying due to hunger. She looks around the tiny place she once shared with her late [...]