Blog – Bringing change to the fore

Bringing change to the fore

Kaarvan Craft Foundation constantly works to create a gender equal Pakistan. One of our programs- The Constellation of Change – includes linking soft skills to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) within rural communities. This initiative is supported by our partners British Asian Trust, DFID, Punjab Skills Development Fund, Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan, Samsung and many others. The logic is simple – think global, work locally.

Consequently by connecting skills, local markets and social classes, an exhibition was organised at Emporium Mall which included handmade apparel and craft by female artisans from the villages of Bahawalpur, Lodhran and Multan. The results were twofold – one, it brought forth the concept of a rural economy and secondly, it opened up the discussion of how the current market of clothing can be changed in terms of items available, craft as a fashion and buying patterns especially on the part of women.