Get inside the writer’s mind

Get inside the writer’s mind

Volunteer Blog – The Value of Beauty and its Correlation to the Pursuit of Justice

By Riva Taimur Khawaja September 22, 2020 Professor Elaine Scarry published “On Beauty and Being Just”, the proposal in which she claims that beauty impacts us in ways that can assist us in achieving justice. Some commentators have analyzed Scarry’s theory, suggesting it represents a new, theory of justice; others have approved of her work […]

Volunteer Blog – Pink

By Zainab Habib September 1, 2020 My life began as a tiny seed, one amongst a million others, in the soil of Punjab. My only company was that of a farmer, who took great care of us and grew us into plants. Following the initial process of winnowing, we were all sold to a cloth […]

Volunteer Blog – Dear Patriarchy

By Zayna Ahsan August 26, 2020 Dear Patriarchy, You have been dictating my life from the moment I opened my eyes. Your first words to me were: larki hai, koi nai agli dafa larka ho jaye ga. Even though my parents could not be happier, you were always there in the shadows calculating and undermining. […]

Volunteer Blog – Dear Working Mother

By Zayna Ahsan August 25, 2020 Dear Working Mother, How have you been? Did you meet that deadline for your presentation? Did you get sleep when you got home? Is your baby feeling better now? Has your boss forgiven you for bringing your kid to the office because there was no one else he could […]

Volunteer Blog – Breaking Up with Social Media

By Zainab Habib August 19, 2020 In today’s technologically advanced society, we spend a lot of time using digital devices. Some aspects of this use of electronic devices may prove beneficial to us; being used to aid our learning and help us in understanding concepts better, but it may also prove to be a distraction. […]

Volunteer Blog – Careful, Don’t Care, Careless – Level of Engagement

By Riva Taimur Khawaja August 19, 2020 “You cannot legislate morality.” As President Dwight D. Eisenhower, once said. Societies are complex, over years of development and hard work have we come to exhibit what we are today, as members of society in the 21st century. There’s no denying that the idea of care and bespeaking […]

Volunteer Blog – Data Aid or Hinder Human Connection?

By Zayna Ahsan August 12, 2020 Suffering displayed in numbers means nothing and it never will. It is a part of human psychology. One face and one story will always affect us more than a statistic. It will always affect us more than a faceless number. Even though there’s more victims and more people suffering, […]

Volunteer Blog – Unveil

By Zayna Ahsan August 7, 2020 The guiding light is empathy. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try to understand what they go through. We must step outside of our privilege and stop being selfish. We need to start caring. Have a kind word with that beggar outside your car, enquire and get […]

Volunteer Blog – Pandemic Privilege

By Zainab Habib August 6, 2020 Aasia wakes up at the crack of dawn, to the sound of her four year old son crying due to hunger. She looks around the tiny place she once shared with her late husband, where her seven children are crammed in a small dark room with no ceiling. One […]

Volunteer Blog – Is it us? Or is it them?

By Zayna Ahsan July 29, 2020 Is outrage counterproductive when fighting for human rights? No and yes. Everyone has the right to express themselves – to mobilize and stand in solidarity with one another. Here’s the catch as soon as you express angry, people take that as an opportunity to portray you as the bad […]

Volunteer Blog – The Hijab: A Political Symbol?

By Riva Taimur Khawaja July 28, 2020 I am a hijab. A piece of cloth usually made from cotton. I come in many different styles, materials and prints. I can be worn in multiple ways but my main purpose is to cover a female’s head. I’m associated with the religion of Islam, but my fundamental […]

Volunteer Blog – Colors like Identity are multifaceted. Are they not?

By Zayna Ahsan July 27, 2020 I am a small eyeshadow palette. I belong to a 15-year-old girl. I’m usually just used by the girl, sometimes by her mother. I spent a good life, albeit a boring one. Then something changed. One night after everyone had gone to sleep, the lights switched on and a […]

Volunteer Blog – Seeing the Covid19 Dairies of Rural Artisans – is Spiraling Out of Self into Social Fabric of Collective

By Zayna Ahsan July 23, 2020 This pandemic has brought around difficult circumstances for everyone but, some have it much worse than others. The rural artisans have had to adapt to a whole new life because of Covid-19. I think it’s so much harder for them because their livelihood is affected. They have families depending […]

Blog – Voicing the Voiceless?

By Maria Hayat July 22, 2020 “There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.” – Arundhati Roy How do we perceive rural women? Let’s do a quick thought experiment. What image or phrases come to mind if you think of a rural woman residing in […]

Volunteer Blog – Online Exhibition and Learning Processes

By Syed Uzair July 21, 2020 The online exhibition we did for Kaarvan was an extremely fun and fruitful experience. Not only did we give all these amazing artisans a platform on which to display their beautiful hard work, but it also allowed us to hear more from them and their lives. It allowed us […]

Volunteer Blog – Gender Inequality and Development in Pakistan

By Riva Taimur Khawaja July 4, 2020   Economic development is one of the top priorities for developing states, one of the greatest factors that hinders this development is gender inequality, a term we’ve all heard of before, a characteristic residing within many societies, where males on average leading the social, economic, and political hierarchies. […]

Volunteer Blog – COVID19, Anxiety, Uncertainty. What is our role as citizens?

By Mahad Kakar June 25, 2020 Viewing the current situation with the number of COVID cases increasing drastically in the country we as a nation have landed in a sorry state. The number of confirmed COVID 19 cases have augmented and are about to hit 1,75,000. People have lost jobs; daily wages labour is without […]

Blog – This Thumbnail is Not Black

By Shahroze Ali Khan June 12, 2020 Would you believe me if I say that this thumbnail you see is white in color? Of Course not. You will probably give me every reason every logic and every possible explanation as to why this is black and not white. While some will underestimate my knowledge about […]

Volunteer Blog – Together yet Apart

By Jibraeel Danish June 10, 2020 Never had we imagined ourselves in such a situation 5 months back. A time where all our scientific and technological pride seems futile. Our existential beliefs being brought into question. Social norms considered part of daily interactions (such as the handshake and hug) considered a sign of respect – […]

Blog – Sustainability Lies at the Grassroot Level

By Mehr Husain June 8, 2020 It is no secret that Pakistan’s heritage is at risk of being lost in time. A major factor for the lack of interest on the part of the State and society is the ailing economy that has plagued Pakistan for decades. Spending or investing money anything remotely linked to […]

Blog – Tell Tale Earth

By Shahroze Ali Khan and Mashal Khan June 5, 2020 Too much. It’s too much. Whispered Earth’s core. Digging. Sowing. Mining. Even fracking. Worst is killing. Oh my children till when will you keep playing good cop and bad cop. To me you are all equal. Although you have quite forgotten your Mother Earth as […]

Blog – Opinions & Repercussions – Pandemic in a nutshell

By Shahroze Ali Khan May 29, 2020 “This is all part of a greater plan and the crisis is not what we are being told it is. There is whatsoever no Corona in the country and we are just being terrorized for something we do not currently understand. Masks, gloves and sanitary products consumption has […]

Blog – Participatory Design to Check & Balance: Privilege, Perspective-taking and Power

By Mashal Khan May 28, 2020 Once in New York I met with privileged Mashal. I was naively working on my thesis project wishing to design a more moral community for the invisible residents. Call it bravery or stupidity, I wished to create a more participatory design practice — for that I needed to overcome […]

Blog – An average day

By Mehr Husain May 22, 2020 I wake up at 6:00 am and already my heart is thumping out of my chest, filled with adrenaline. My eyes hurt and my head is throbbing. 7:00 am. One child still hasn’t finished breakfast and the other is refusing to wear his uniform. Plus the kitchen sink is […]

Volunteer Blog – Overcoming Differences and Working Together

By Mahad Kakar May 21, 2020 This pandemic is one that our country Pakistan or the world has never come across and has surely left us overwhelmed in a state of dismay. We have been sitting, slowly losing control over our health, our minds thinking what has happened? What kind of test is this? What […]

Blog – We Become What We Think

By Sophiya Anjam May 21, 2020 In the past 2-3 months, the world around us has changed in a way we haven’t seen before. Families being separated, jobs being lost, uncertainty and fear engulfing most of us. What is not lost though, is hope. Hope for a sane, safe and healthy future. #Quarantine has taught […]

Blog – The Future of Development Sector in Pakistan post COVID-19

By Hira Mansoor May 20, 2020 The global health crisis caused due to the outbreak of COVID-19 has created devastating socio-economic impacts especially on the vulnerable population of Pakistan. With nearly one third of the population subsisting from daily and piece-rate wages, the COVID-19 response has necessitated an urgent and immediate strategy to protect those […]

Blog – This too shall pass

By Shahroze Ali Khan May 11, 2020 I am writing to you again. I want you to know that over the past few weeks, I’ve been horrified by all the panic and chaos situation, I watched on the news. TV anchors shouting and nation states blaming, all playing their political games. Power is responsibility but […]

Blog – Be Apart Together

By Shahroze Ali Khan May 2, 2020 To everyone out there who thinks nobody cares, I see you. I am affected by the lockdown just like you are. Probably in different ways but I am home bound as well. I look up to the sky and see the shining stars that have gotten clearer these […]

Blog – Joining hands with NUST students,

Joining hands with NUST students, Kaarvan Crafts Foundation moderated and facilitated a workshop around market awareness, color theory, product costing and the continuously changing market trends. The workshop was held at the Vocational training institute by Skills development council (SDC) with a total of 80 women who are registered in the courses of IT, stitching […]

Blog – Bringing change to the fore

Bringing change to the fore Kaarvan Craft Foundation constantly works to create a gender equal Pakistan. One of our programs- The Constellation of Change – includes linking soft skills to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) within rural communities. This initiative is supported by our partners British Asian Trust, DFID, Punjab Skills Development Fund, Centre for Economic […]

Blog – Life in colour

Life in colour Kaaravan initiated a ‘Design Aesthetics Handicrafts Action’ workshop as a means of enhancing the design skills of our female, rural artistans. The goals of the project included: • Upgrading designing skills and colour combinations • Increasing knowledge on the value chain and making market linkages • Providing guidance on working in groups […]

Blog – Untapped Role of Creative Expression in Development Work for Social Justice

Kaarvan Crafts Foundation would like to honor, internationally acclaimed social justice day, February 20th. What is social justice? According to UN social justice is the principle to live a peaceful life with one’s neighbors. Many generative themes come under social justice such as gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion and culture. Conflict exists everywhere in the […]

Blog – Women behind the closed doors

Nobody can disagree with the fact that there can be no family without a woman, no livable house without a woman. May it be the urban or the rural women, they tend to keep the household intact. Their minds can deal with the maintenance of commodities, apportionment of allotted expenses, and regulation of monetary savings. […]

Blog – You might be Wrong to Say that Men are Better Decision Makers then Women

Decision making power is a factor that not only separate humans and animals, but it fashions a person’s frame of mind, character and ability to deliver.  However, this decision making aspect always circle a variety of influences before its adaptation, including fundamental values, societal sway, cultural shaping, and neuroscience.  Regrettably, there is another influence formed […]

Blog – Movement without Freedom for Women

Recorded history tells us that in early ages, women were considered as inferior sex for being emotion-oriented individuals with lesser physical and mental strengths.  Their freedom was depended on the approval of their fathers, brothers or spouses, and some sort of movement for any reason was escorted by males from their family or otherwise those […]

Blog – Why Educate a Woman?

Since the independence, Pakistan has been battling with some major crisis in educational sector especially for women. Poverty, instability, lack of infrastructure and inefficient curriculum are the main reasons of  late progress while ancient traditions on the other hand add up to it from a different angle. In between all this, the women are the […]

Blog – No more Domestic Violence: Protection of Women against Violence Bill 2016

It’s been years that we have heard from different governments about bringing immediate reforms to end gender bias, violence and discrimination against women, natheless last year the proceeding government in Punjab passed a bill under the name of “The Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act” on 1st March, 2017. The intentions are well stated […]

Blog – The Role of Women in Livestock

Livestock farming plays a pivotal role in the family based farming system and has been the backbone of a farmer’s household economy from times immemorial. It is subsistence farming providing sustenance and self sustainability by augmenting agricultural income and ensuring provision of high nutrition food for the whole family in the form of milk, meat […]

Blog – What has turned our evident gender crisis to an invisible sentiment!

Living in a theocratic country under the slogan of democratic rule, we have failed to address the deep-rooted extremity of gender inequality that has affected the nation’s growth immensely. The fact that a nation consisting of 100 million women with 50 million women between 15-55 years of age [1] having productivity of virtually zero speaks […]

Blog – Women, Freedom and Pakistan

Freedom lies in the unanimity of acceptance, and comprehension of due responsibilities. What binds a person to any cause is his or her personal will but if that choice doesn’t exist, liberty trifles away.   Since becoming a sovereign state, we have been unable to produce an effective social order for the feminine populace of […]

Blog – Tales of Grief, Reselience & Bravery

A few weeks ago, I joined Kaarvan Crafts Foundation as a volunteer. I am doing my O levels and decided to take a part in this social enterprise for a purpose during my summer vacations. A few weeks ago, I joined Kaarvan Crafts Foundation as a volunteer. I am doing my O levels and decided to take a part in this social enterprise for a purpose during my summer vacations.

Blog – The colors of creative women

It is an undeniable fact that the potential of being creative doesn’t rely on specific gene, gender, or color rather the indispensible milieu of personal growth and recognition of their virtue. An artist delineates the life capering with colors, but what if the brushes are broken in pieces and colors are bleached out? What if […]

Blog – Tales of grief, resilience and transformation: Brave women of Kaarvan

The resilient woman: Amtul Hafeez Amtul Hafeez journey with Kaarvan is a story that describes ‘will’ as one of the influential forms of change. She comes from a comparatively progressive family but poverty never left her door. She has three sons and a daughter and she also looks after one daughter-in-law, two grandchildren and her […]

Blog – From London to Kaarvan

Four weeks back I joined Kaarvan Crafts Foundation (KFC) as a volunteer, coming all the way from London. I will give a brief introduction about how I got in contact with KCF, my work experience and what I love the most about KCF. I recently completed my B.Sc. in Psychology, Clinical and Cognitive neuroscience at […]

Blog – Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper is a short fictional story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman written in the late 19th century to exemplify how women were considered vulnerable for being a weak gender as it was always a male-dominant society for centuries. Also, how societal perception restricted them to the four walls of domestic life and the changes […]

Blog – Tales of grief, resilience and transformation: Brave women of Kaarvan

The resilient woman: Abida Imran Abida is from Bahawalpur region, one of the highly deprived districts of Punjab. Abida’s life story resembles to most of the women in rural areas. She was married young and begun a family. En route, the couple was blessed with four children and shortly financial stability swung to distort as […]

Blog – Our pursuit for the idea of equality and empowering women

If we travel back to history, men were always been viewed as strong and more grounded beings while women have been thought to be weaker sex with contrast to men. However, Things rapidly turned around for women in western world when 19th century was confined by opportunity battles and female activism. Women of the west […]

Blog – Three Meetings With Mumtaz Arif

Meeting 1 : I met Mumtaz in the winter of ’16 while she was undergoing her skills training at Kaarvan’s Training Institute in Bahawalpur. Of the 50 women I surveyed that day, she stood out. She was a single mother of three children living on the upper floor of her brother’s small house, who did […]

Blog – Part 2: Kaarvan Crafts Foundation

Kaarvan Crafts Foundation is non-profit organisation with the main goal to empower women. More than 13,000 women benefited from different programs of the organisation. For me it is a very good experience to work for Kaarvan Craft Foundation because it is my dream to either work for the government, a non-profit organisation or a non-government […]

Blog – The Noëmi Diaries – Part 1

Pakistan is featured a lot in the media; both good and bad things. A few years ago, I saw a documentary about a Pakistani shepherd. I could never forget the beautiful landscape and since then, I have had this dream about coming to Pakistan. My only problem was that I was afraid of travelling alone […]

Blog – Featured Article

LUMS alumnus, Danish Jabbar Khan (MBA 2005) joined the Karvaan Craft Foundation as the CEO in 2013. This is a social enterprise that promises to work for the economic liberation of women. Their belief is that economic, social or personal growth cannot take place until gender disparity is eliminated from this society. In order to […]