Black, White & Human Rights in Between

Celebrated Human Rights Day with 49 women at Kaarvan Waniawala Center in Gujranwala. Through the interactive activities we confronted societal stereotypes of good and evil around everyday objects and concepts such as education, home, security, rallies, etc. Women rumbled with concepts of black, white and human rights by speaking about their concerns of superstitious allegations stemming from lack of trust on one another, children compelled to panhandle and the need of more wholehearted daring teachers. While these are socially intractable wicked problem we came to the collective decision that what really matters is the intention behind the act. If the intention is right then the universe has away to make things right. The idea is to play down questions about human rights in order to elicit more popular responses. By focusing the stark contrast of color and its connotations of good/ evil and right/ wrong the workshop was able to build the artisans critical thinking skills as they rumbled to think beyond codified symbols. Like home for insistence is commonly associated as safety net but the women stretched their thinking to realize that too much of comfort zone hinders them and further encourages societal thought of women beings of ‘chaar-diwari.’ Discussion also improved their communication and collaboration skills. For betterment the women recognized that they need to step outside their homes, to let go of whatever fears they may hold and know that failure isn’t black it’s a mere crisscross to learn from and rise stronger.

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Human Rights Day Countdown

Black & White

what really matters is the intention behind the act

Mirror & Windows

realize the difficulty to truly empathize with a culture, a lifestyle and attire that is not your own