Blog – This Thumbnail is Not Black

By Shahroze Ali Khan June 12, 2020 Would you believe me if I say that this thumbnail you see is white in color? Of Course not. You will probably give me every reason every logic and every [...]

Blog – Together yet Apart

By Jibraeel Danish June 10, 2020 Never had we imagined ourselves in such a situation 5 months back. A time where all our scientific and technological pride seems futile. Our existential beliefs [...]

Blog – Tell Tale Earth

By Shahroze Ali Khan and Mashal Khan June 5, 2020 Too much. It’s too much. Whispered Earth’s core. Digging. Sowing. Mining. Even fracking. Worst is killing. Oh my children till when will you keep [...]

Blog – An average day

By Mehr Husain May 22, 2020 I wake up at 6:00 am and already my heart is thumping out of my chest, filled with adrenaline. My eyes hurt and my head is throbbing. 7:00 am. One child still hasn’t [...]