HALEEMA I deserved better, and I will make it so! Sitting on the charpai in my house, I felt a sting in my heart. I was only a little girl when my family had forced me to leave education. I felt [...]


AMNA Living is all about taking risks With no formal education coupled with a social background where my husband and I could hardly survive, I had always pondered over the future of my son. We [...]


IRSHAD I kept trainings a secret for years… Then put shame aside and was able to convince my husband to recognize me as an earning member of the household “Irshad Baji, hurry, you have to [...]


MARIAM Logon ka kaam hai kehna Par hum karein Wo jo hum ko karna hai I live in Gujranwala. With a family of 10 siblings where my parents earned minimal wages and it was barely enough to get us [...]


FATIMA Just work and minds will change slowly but surely – as they see our livelihoods getting better My name is Fatima Batool. I am mother of 3 daughters, 3 sons; an artisan and a [...]


SHAKEELA trust in one’s own abilities and take that leap of faith! I live in Bahawalpur. You know what’s really frustrating? To not be able to contribute. That feeling of helplessness of being [...]


SEHER Don’t judge me straight I am one of a kind In our part of the world, a woman’s beauty becomes her metric of success. Born with a birth defect on my nose, I never fit the conventional [...]


ANEES I have given my family what we thought we had lost forever: hope. The eldest in a family of five sisters and a brother, I took over the responsibility of supporting my family at a very [...]


FARKHANDA I became very ill and there was a lot of stress. I thought what am I going to do? There was no food in the house- we had nothing My name is Farkhanda, I live in Bahawalpur. I was stuck [...]