Skills For Market

With the third round successfully kicking off in 2015, Skills for Market was a unique initiative that dealt with capacity building exercises to train women, not just in handy work but also in how to understand market mechanisms such as pricing and design. Additionally, these women were taught basic numeracy and trained in basic business skills. Currently, the tally for SFM’s outreach stands as follows.

Skills For Market Bahawalpur 2012–2013: Dec 12th to May 13th

  • Women Trainees: 500
  • Market Linkages: 20
  • Community Development Centers built: 5
  • Village Outreach: 25
  • Trainers Trained: 20
  • Skills Learned: Domestic Tailoring, Literacy And Numeracy Training, Product Production, Pricing, Planning and Leadership Skills

Skills For Market 2013–2014: Bahawalpur

Round 1 – Feb 19th to June 18th

Round 2 – Dec 1st 2014 to March 31st 2015

Round 3 – April 15th to August 15th

  • Women educated with capacity building skills: 1500
  • Women enabled to become market players: 60
  • Development centers set up: 75
  • Villages reached: 225
  •  Trainers trained: 100
  • Skills taught: Domestic tailoring, Literacy, Numeracy, Product Pricing and Planning, Leadership skills

Skills For Market 2014-2015: Gujranwala & Sheikhupura

Round 1 simultaneously in Gujranwala and Sheikhupura: 1st Sept 2014 to 31st Dec

Round 2 Simultaneously in Gujranwala and Sheikhupura: 6th Feb 2015 to 6th June

  • Total women trained with market skills: 1520
  • Total women linked to the market: 60
  • Skill Development Centers established: 76
  • Districts 2
  • Villages tapped into: 225
  • Trainers Trained: 142