Ancient stories arising out of barren deserts and rocky pathways have always painted pictures of a Kaarvan moving together. The idea is the achievement of a singular goal and the journey is one made hand in hand; everyone understands that nobody is to be left behind.
The Persian word Kaarvan originates from the roots Kaar and Waan; Pursuit and People. The idea of one people, one aim, one movement is evident in the fact that KCF looks towards creating a socially equitable society where women are valued and celebrated as equal participants. Togetherness is key to achieving what we aim for. And as the African saying puts it

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Kaarvan Crafts Foundation was established in 2004 and is incorporated as a Not-for-Profit company registered under Section 32 and licensed under Section 42 of Companies Ordinance, 1984. Pakistan. Since then, it has successfully carried out diverse projects with the aim of honing Life Skills among women in low-income communities.

Scaled up from a project-level initiative to an independent organization, Kaarvan Crafts Foundation has come a long way in Crafting Livelihoods. Thousands of women from rural and impoverished areas of Pakistan have been mobilized, trained and empowered in creating entrepreneurial opportunities for themselves.

Kaarvan has its roots in the dream to alleviate social ailments by enabling women to take charge of their own life. Instead of treating these women as subjects that needed to be helped, Kaarvan understood the importance of empowering these women and giving them the chance to take ownership of their lives.

As a result of scaling up the reach and expanding the footprint of its impact, Kaarvan has established its concerted presence in over 900 villages, across 11 districts in Pakistan. By the end of 2015, more than 13,000 women had benefited from different training and skill development programs of Kaarvan. These training program that had aimed at alleviating poverty through the economic empowerment of women evolved into something bigger; a greater desire to change, a larger dream and a better future. Today, the organization stands with over ten years of experience and an understanding of the fact that Women Empowerment is a difficult yet dynamic process; one that is necessary to spark off the social change.