Changing Perceptions

The essence of KCF builds on the foundational belief that sustainable growth; whether economic, social or personal, cannot take root in a gender disparate society. To deal with social issues such as poverty, gender disparity, or the general lack of social well-being, there has to be a movement that begins from the grassroots level. And this movement has to allow all members of society to feel equally invested in the betterment of their community. If women are not allowed to enjoy the same ownership over society as men, no change can take place.

The fight for women empowerment is not one of creating a new hierarchy to overcome the existing inequalities. Instead, the fight is one that creates an equal space in society for everyone to move forward as a whole. No good can come from change that disregards half of our population. Hence, Female Economic Empowerment is not just a fight for women.

It’s a drive for equality.

The Effect of Empowering Women

To understand why Women Empowerment is important, it is crucial to understand what our journey on this path has achieved. If we are looking to build a future where people can take charge of their own lives, there has to be an acceptance of the fact that people need to feel empowered enough to be able to step up and say: Yes, I Can. Social Change cannot come without a gender equitable society that treats all its members the same. This is why female economic empowerment can usher in sustainable social change. If women are given the same opportunity as men to work, earn, and finance for themselves and their families, there is a recognition of the fact that women are equal to men. Only after this equality can society move forward as a whole. Realizing the importance of this drive, KCF has been involved in facilitating empowerment opportunities for women.