Educate With Life Skills

The first stage of our theory of change begins with Education. This includes a transfer of knowledge and productive life skills. Our women learn how to master various forms crafting skills such as Adda work, stitching and embroidery etc. Additionally, they are also taught valuable life skills such as learning how to read, write and understand basic financial transactions. The Education process becomes the first stage towards empowering these women as it prepares them with a wide skill set that can be employed for economic gains.

Enable to earn livelihood

And while training in, and learning of, these new skills is important; it is not enough. These women come from a reality that has not enabled them to learn how to capitalize on their skills and talent. Developing that talent is essential in making them productive. The enabling of these women to actual step out and use their skills to create economic benefit is key in our Theory of Change. This stage of enabling involves allowing these women to understand the market and carve out niches within the market through the help of local sales agents. Through various market linkages and training activities, these women are able to create market quality products and generate their income.

Empower to decide

The final stage of our Theory of Change rests in the ultimate empowerment of these women to step up and take charge of their own futures. With the training that they employ to earn for themselves and their families, these women are able to become decision makers. The importance of being able to project their demands, get their say and decide, not just for themselves, but for their families, is key in making these women an equal and productive member of their communities and society at large. Once they can stand up for what they believe in, only then can women become truly empowered.