Today, Shakeela has taken up multiple roles in her community. Not only is she working as a stitcher to earn for her family, she also functions as a social mobilizer where she guides and mentors the women and the community around her. Shakeela Kausar joined Kaarvan to participate in an intervention where she could learn textile skills such as stitching and fashion wear. Residing in Chak 26 BC, a small village near the city of Bahawalpur, Shakeela used to travel across two villages to Chak 28 BC, where the courses were being held. The distance didn’t hold her back, and now she’s glad that she saw her training through. Shakeela has two sons and two daughters, and a husband who works as a plumber. The family’s income bracket falls low, and while they didn’t face chronic, debilitating poverty, their condition necessitated a two-person income. Shakeela choose to join the workforce as a home-based worker and from there on, her journey with Kaarvan led her to a consistent stream of stitching orders and work from her community. Today, she stands as a strong force for women around her, and is revered as a local hero in her village. She has also become a social mobilizer, where she educates the women in her community about Kaarvan and the importance of women empowerment.

“We didn’t even know how to talk to people before we joined Kaarvan. How to deal with people, how the world works; we’ve learned all this from Kaarvan.”
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