42, affected by polio, education only partially completed, and Rukhsana Musarat still manages to stand out from the crowd as a strong, independent force to be reckoned with. A mother to three sons, Rukhsana has been through what most of us can only imagine. Her husband suffers from hepatitis, which has put the sole burden of running the house on her shoulders. But come what may, Rukhsana refuses to back down. Rukhsana works at the Kaarvan Crafts Foundation training center as a trainer. She has completed her education up til intermediate (high school level), and is currently looking for a way to ensure that her kids get the best education that she can afford. Her struggle to give her kids a better future has allowed her to overcome many difficulties including facing the wrath of her in-laws. She recalls how she began working while her husband was unable to, and her in-laws were consistently pressuring her into giving up her work when she initially started out. But her resilience got the better of everyone as she kept working hard, and soon gained the respect of her husband who helped her pursue her work.

Today, she works two jobs, is the source of steady income for her family, and has earned the respect and admiration of all those who meet her. She states that while 42 might be too old an age, she has kept herself young through constantly learning new skills. Her courage to keep going has allowed her to become a source of strength, not just for her family, but also for the girls that she teaches at the center.

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