She’s got an MSc in Chemistry, she had the potential to learn new skills, and now, she has the passion to change her world. Asia Ijaz, a recent graduate of the Skills for Employability program, joins our hall of fame as a yet another woman who has learned that all it takes, is you! Asia Ijaz is young, which means that she is as impressionable as she is driven. Lucky for us then, that someone as bright as her, landed in our program. She joined us in the summer in the hopes of learning design and fashion wear. Why? Because that’s where her heart lies.

She claims, “It’s not just teaching us how to make clothes’ it’s teaching us how to deal with society, with life.”

Asia hopes that the skills she has learned can help her in setting up shop in Pakistani markets. Today, she’s confident enough to take practical steps towards building a career in fashion designing. As she builds her dream, we stand in complete support of Asia. As she puts it herself, “it’s all about trust.” And we have complete trust that Asia will reach for the stars!

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