CERP Market Linkages

In collaboration with the Center for Economic Research in Pakistan, the Market Linkages project has turned out to be extremely successful in giving the women an opportunity to sell to high [...]

HNSA Outreach Program

With the help of our partners, an outreach program was completed in the district of Bahawalpur that allowed the local women to develop their expertise in the field of hand embellishments. The [...]

Kaarvan Crafts Foundation Training Institute

2015 saw Kaarvan Crafts Foundation build one of it’s pioneer Training Institutes. Realizing the necessity for an ongoing process driven vocational center

Partnership with British Asian Trust

The British Asian Trust, BAT, selected Kaarvan Crafts Foundation for a capacity building exercise in June 2015. Under this exercise, KCF was driven towards internal institutional capacity [...]

Pathways & Pursestrings

The Pathways and Purse-strings project started off with the aim to enable 8000 women with enough skills and market knowledge for them to sell in urban markets.

Skills For Employability

The first round of Skills For Employability started in 2012, with the aim of enabling women to develop certain skills that they could capitalize on. This included not just hard skills trainings, [...]

Skills For Market

With the third round successfully kicking off in 2015, Skills for Market was a unique initiative that dealt with capacity building exercises to train women, not just in handy work but also in how [...]

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