Women behind the closed doors

Nobody can disagree with the fact that there can be no family without a woman, no livable house without a woman. May it be the urban or the rural women, they tend to keep the household intact. [...]

You might be Wrong to Say that Men are Better Decision Makers then Women

Decision making power is a factor that not only separate humans and animals, but it fashions a person’s frame of mind, character and ability to deliver.  However, this decision making aspect [...]

Movement without Freedom for Women

Recorded history tells us that in early ages, women were considered as inferior sex for being emotion-oriented individuals with lesser physical and mental strengths.  Their freedom was depended [...]

Why Educate a Woman?

Since the independence, Pakistan has been battling with some major crisis in educational sector especially for women. Poverty, instability, lack of infrastructure and inefficient curriculum are [...]

No more Domestic Violence: Protection of Women against Violence Bill 2016

It’s been years that we have heard from different governments about bringing immediate reforms to end gender bias, violence and discrimination against women, natheless last year the proceeding [...]

The Role of Women in Livestock

Livestock farming plays a pivotal role in the family based farming system and has been the backbone of a farmer’s household economy from times immemorial. It is subsistence farming providing [...]

What has turned our evident gender crisis to an invisible sentiment!

Living in a theocratic country under the slogan of democratic rule, we have failed to address the deep-rooted extremity of gender inequality that has affected the nation’s growth immensely. The [...]

Women, Freedom and Pakistan

Freedom lies in the unanimity of acceptance, and comprehension of due responsibilities. What binds a person to any cause is his or her personal will but if that choice doesn’t exist, liberty [...]

Tales of Grief, Reselience & Bravery

A few weeks ago, I joined Kaarvan Crafts Foundation as a volunteer. I am doing my O levels and decided to take a part in this social enterprise for a purpose during my summer vacations. A few [...]

The colors of creative women

It is an undeniable fact that the potential of being creative doesn’t rely on specific gene, gender, or color rather the indispensible milieu of personal growth and recognition of their virtue. [...]

Tales of grief, resilience and transformation: Brave women of Kaarvan

The resilient woman: Amtul Hafeez Amtul Hafeez journey with Kaarvan is a story that describes ‘will’ as one of the influential forms of change. She comes from a comparatively progressive family [...]

From London to Kaarvan

Four weeks back I joined Kaarvan Crafts Foundation (KFC) as a volunteer, coming all the way from London. I will give a brief introduction about how I got in contact with KCF, my work experience [...]

Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper is a short fictional story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman written in the late 19th century to exemplify how women were considered vulnerable for being a weak gender as it was [...]

Tales of grief, resilience and transformation: Brave women of Kaarvan

The resilient woman: Abida Imran Abida is from Bahawalpur region, one of the highly deprived districts of Punjab. Abida’s life story resembles to most of the women in rural areas. She was married [...]

Our pursuit for the idea of equality and empowering women

If we travel back to history, men were always been viewed as strong and more grounded beings while women have been thought to be weaker sex with contrast to men. However, Things rapidly turned [...]

Three Meetings With Mumtaz Arif

Meeting 1 : I met Mumtaz in the winter of ’16 while she was undergoing her skills training at Kaarvan’s Training Institute in Bahawalpur. Of the 50 women I surveyed that day, she stood out. She [...]

Part 2: Kaarvan Crafts Foundation

Kaarvan Crafts Foundation is non-profit organisation with the main goal to empower women. More than 13,000 women benefited from different programs of the organisation. For me it is a very good [...]

The Noëmi Diaries – Part 1

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